Lower Average Prices for Double Glazing

Is My Average cost per Double Glazed Window too high?

Lower Average Prices for Double GlazingWell that is a very difficult question to answer because averages are simply a rough guide and any given figure for the average cost of double glazing UK for something like “compare glazing prices”  is, by its very nature, a number which is neither high nor low – it’s in the middle.

The figure you get is also unreliable when you are actually planning to install double glazed windows in the immediate future. It’s OK to use this Average cost per Window in order to spark your interest in getting the work done initially but don’t base your final decision on an average.

You should get a personalised written quotation from a reliable company, in fact at least 3 quotes to start with, it won’t cost you anything as the double glazing installers will coma round and carry out a survey for free. However, it will give you a precise measure for the cost of installing double glazed windows for your own home – not an ‘average cost of double glazing’