What do Conservatories Cost?

Building a new conservatory

conservatories costAdding an extra room to the house is often the better solution to moving and in terms of speed, simplicity and overall value for money building a conservatory is a good option to consider for this problem, especially with conservatories prices being so competitive lately. learn more here

Conservatory design choice

There is a good selection of styles available in the market and even if you are lacking a large amount of space there are lean-to conservatories that can be very compact and still offer livable space.

Here are some of the more popular types of conservatory.

Lean-to / Victorian / Edwardian / P, T & L shaped / Gable / Pavilion / Orangeries

Some of the Orangery or bespoke designs can be quite large and offer a unique appearance in every case, but they may require planning permission and, as the larger of the conservatory range, they will have a price tag to match.